Ruins I've visited south of the US:

Here is a nice map of Chichen Itza which was pointed out to me by a youngster in Northern California, Emily, who was studying about Mesoamerica.

Check out Mexico Antiguo for videos, etc., about ancient mexico (their web page does not represent their full product line at all, their calendars being a favorite of mine)

If all goes well I should be seeing the sites here in 2002.

In December of 2000 I visited Tikal and Tulum. Click here if you wish to read a little about my trip.

In December of 1998 I visited Palenque, Comacalco and La Parque La Venta. Click here if you wish to read a little about my trip.

For the past several years, at least once every two years, I go to the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico, and usually try to visit the ruins at Monte Alban, Mitla, Yagul and Lambityeco . Click here for my take on these ruins.

Click here for a wonderful web site regarding the Ball Game.

A good starting place is Mesoweb or GB Online's Mesoamerica.

Be sure to check out the photos at the Mesoamerican Photo Archives

The University of Guadalajara's Precolumbian Culture site is a good starting place also.

Here's a map of several Mayan sites.

Find photos of ruins amongst the sampling of more than 3000 photos of Mexico found at Images of Mexico.

Visit a most excellent site at Virtual Palenque.

The Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research, Maya Art and Books

Image of the Codex de Paris

Some Aztec links:
Aztec - student teacher resource center

Professor Smith's Tlahuica cultures of Morelos page

Gene Savoy info.

Mesoamerican Photo Archives -- don't miss Jouney Through Tikal!

Edgar's Mesoamerican Art Page (Edgar Martin del Campo) -- don't miss Jouney Through Tikal!

An excellent site about Mexico in General! - Tour by Mexico

Oaxaca - Zapotecs and Mixtecs

Monte Alban

Let Celerina Martinez inform you about Tapetes

TABASCO - Olmecs


  • Sumeria's Villahermosa Site

    Olmec Collosal Mask Project

    GUATEMALA - Maya

    Tikal Jaguar

    Great Outdoor Recreation Pages' (GOP) Maya World

    Red Trade Point Guatemala or Red Turistica Nacional see in particular "Informacion sobre viajes turisticos"

    Guatemala Web see in particular the "picture album"

    Lords of the Earth Pacal

    Maya Adventure from the Science Museum of Minnesota

    Maya Adventure Tours provides customized tours

    Mystery of the Maya at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Quebec)

    Mayan Civilization at the Costume Supercenter

    VERACRUZ - Totonaca and Olmecs

    El Tajin
    in my 2000 trip I'll be trying to visit San Juan de Ulua, El Tajin 1, El Tajin 2, El Tajin 3, Tres Zapotes, Cempoala and Xalapa

    Mexico Connect's Veracruz

    Learn about Veracruz in the web pages of the Secretaria de Turismo

    Edward Dawson photographs of Mexico, check Port of Veracruz, Xalapa Museum of Anthropology, La Antigue (house of Cortes) and El Tajin.

    Estado de Veracruz

    TULA - Toltecs


    Toltec history

    Toltecs at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Quebec)

    I'm planning a trip to Quintana Roo/Belize/Guatemala in December of 2000 and am making use of the following links:

    INGUAT, Instituto Guatemalteco De Turismo.

    Chetumal, Mayan Star on The Road to Mayan Adventure.

    El Colegio De La Frontera Sur - ECOSUR.

    Account of trip to Tikal.

    Chetumal Hotels.

    Directorio de la industria turistica de la Republica Mexicana.

    Garza Travel Service - D.F.

    Linea Dorada Autobuses - first class, in Guatemala.

    Cantera Tours - Oaxaca, Mexico.

    Galgos Bus Line, Guat.

    Information on Tapachula, Chiapas..

    Linea Uno bus line

    Tapachula - The Grande Map

    Know & Enjoy Mexico's Tapachula page

    Concierge - Destinations in Guatemala

    GRUPO TACA - several regional airlines in Panama, Gautemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

    Copa Airlines

    Aviateca news

    Airlines A-Z

    Centro Maya de Idiomas - airfares
    Centro Maya de Idiomas - businfo

    El Peten

    The Dagger

    Prensa Libre

    Mexican Animals