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Areas of research interest: Stochastic Modeling - including Probabilistic Graphical Models
Behavior Modeling
Social Network Analysis

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The Boxford Preservation Society.

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Some Mathematics and Engineering web pages I find useful: Some OR and related firms and organizations: Software and Computing resources: Resources of use when shopping for products made in the USA, or least in democratic nations: dogrun

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See what the FBI has to say about crime in your area at this site

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My Java play pages: My wife's home page: Rocio

Link to an article about Huntington Station, Eagan

If your learning German, check these sites: Here, here, and here.

If your going to Germany, look here: CIA World Factbook 1999 listing on Germany and Long information on Germany.

Check out the Lake Harriet Yacht Club if you like Sailing.

Pages related to Minneapolis/Eagan areas and Minnesota: Here is useful information about Minneapolis that a tourist agent won't tell you about (see, in particular, Hot News): Bigbook.com: Some TV Channels that my cable service carries: Check out the U.S. Tennis Association

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Look here for apartment rental listings: Never rent without seeing! The last entry is to aid one in moving.

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Official OMD Website and Official Ultravox Website


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Here's a Roast of the Twin Cities I've written.

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Mensactivism is actually an interesting site.

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